02/6/14 at 17:56pm
// I’ve gone too long without drawing this jerk

// I’ve gone too long without drawing this jerk

23/4/14 at 21:50pm
//lol nop, that’s probably a good thing though. it’s bad enough that Velocity wants to kill the bab, one evil parent is plenty. I would love to get back to that rp, I have been going through some stuff but I am starting to get better so I will try to get all my stuff…

// Yeah it’s easy to sneak something like this under one creatures nose but with two that would have been very tedious 
we can pick up the rp whenever you feel up for it dear no need to rush or anything I understand and I’m glad to hear you’re getting better

23/4/14 at 21:27pm
meoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaar motherfucker

//….I don’t know how to respond to this

23/4/14 at 21:22pm
//Pfpf I literally just joked about that, anon xD but yeah I haven’t posted in that rp for so long I really need to cause they are really fun//

// lol I saw your reply after I posted that answer 
I’m sorry Erasure but you are not the father 
ahh well if you wish to go back to it I’d be happy to continue it UvU

23/4/14 at 21:19pm
im an actual dinosaur and i can confirm this is how it works

// I thought you were a cat?

23/4/14 at 21:15pm
Anonymous asked:
((Or maybe...Walkerinkwell's character, Erasure?))

//  they haven’t had sex yet so I don’t think so???? 

23/4/14 at 21:00pm
Anonymous asked:
((Some random dino perhaps?))

// that’s one possibility

23/4/14 at 20:57pm
like an egg literally formed off his leg and he kicked it off one day and was like “gross” because that’s how budding works

// ….I’m pretttttyyyy sure a tyrannosaurus can’t do that….

23/4/14 at 20:44pm

// but he laid eggs, I don’t think budding works that way?

23/4/14 at 20:33pm
Anonymous asked:
who is Axle's father?


is a very good question….